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Broom and Dustpan Combo Set

Broom and Dustpan Combo Set

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This broom and dustpan combo set is the perfect way to keep your home clean and dust-free. The broom features a long, sturdy handle that makes it easy to sweep without bending over, and the bristles are made of natural cornhusks that are soft enough to clean delicate surfaces but tough enough to pick up dirt, dust, and debris. The dustpan has a built-in scraper and teeth that make it easy to clean the broom bristles, and the lid keeps dust and dirt contained until you're ready to dispose of it.

This combo set is also perfect for pet owners, as the bristles are designed to pick up pet hair and other allergens. It's also great for use in kitchens and garages, where there is often a lot of dirt and debris.


  • Long, sturdy handle for easy sweeping
  • Natural cornhusk bristles are soft on delicate surfaces
  • Built-in scraper and teeth for easy cleaning of broom bristles
  • Lid keeps dust and dirt contained
  • Perfect for pet owners
  • Great for use in kitchens, garages, and other areas with a lot of dirt and debris


  • Makes sweeping easier and less back-breaking
  • Keeps your home clean and dust-free
  • Picks up dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair
  • Easy to clean and store

Order your broom and dustpan combo set today and start keeping your home clean and dust-free!

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