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Shot Glass Dispenser

Shot Glass Dispenser

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The Shot Glass Dispenser is the perfect way to pour out equal shots for everyone in your group. With its unique design and easy-to-use features, the Shot Glass Dispenser is the perfect tool for parties and gatherings of all sizes.


  • Dispenses equal shots: The Shot Glass Dispenser dispenses equal shots of your favorite liquor, beer, or wine. This is perfect for ensuring that everyone in your group gets the same amount of alcohol.
  • Easy to use: The Shot Glass Dispenser is very easy to use. Simply fill the reservoir with your beverage of choice and place the shot glasses underneath. Then, press down on the lever to dispense the shots.
  • Durable: The Shot Glass Dispenser is made from durable materials that can withstand heavy use. It is also easy to clean, simply disassemble the dispenser and wash it with warm, soapy water.


  • Save time: The Shot Glass Dispenser can save you a lot of time when pouring out shots for a group. With its ability to dispense equal shots, you don't have to worry about measuring out each shot individually.
  • Impress your guests: Your guests will be impressed by your Shot Glass Dispenser. It's a fun and unique way to serve drinks at your next party or gathering.
  • Have fun: The Shot Glass Dispenser is a great way to have fun and socialize with your friends. It's perfect for parties, games, and other gatherings.

Overall, the Shot Glass Dispenser is a great tool for anyone who wants to save time, impress their guests, and have fun. It's easy to use, durable, and easy to clean.

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