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Turbocharger Keychain™

Turbocharger Keychain™

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A great gift for any car enthusiast! An electric turbocharger that makes real turbo noises! How awesome is that?!

This is the ultimate keychain for the turbo enthusiast! Mini Turbo Turbocharger Keychain rechargeable battery-powered V5 Turbo Keychain spins, emits a spool-up sound while holding the ON button, and will emit 2 different blow-off valve (BOV) sounds when you release the button (OFF)! Also includes a handy built-in LED light.


  • Turbocharger Keychain™ - Originators of the electric turbo keychain

Neochrome color finishes with a protective coating.

  • Redesigned internal hardware for increased durability and longevity

New 2-button design to separate sound and LED light functions.

  • When the ON button is held, the turbine will spin and emit a turbo spool-up sound.


  • When the button is released (OFF), will emit 1 of 2 different blow-off valve sounds


  • Powerful LED night light.

  • Made from high-quality zinc alloy

  • Rechargeable via USB to Micro-USB cable (Included)

  • Patented (US & International)






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